Website Resources

The following are a list of websites where material such as videos, podcasts and pdf handouts on various topics are available (further suggestions are welcome):

  • Digital Commons @ Trinity Download Sources for Free Textbooks by William F. Trench.
  • mathcentre offers a wide range of free resources to aid the transition from 2nd to 3rd level mathematics education. Note that if you click on both Communities and Links, you will find additional interesting resources and there is an opportunity to upload your own.
  • mathtutor offers a range of materials in mathematics.
  • statstutor offers a range of materials in statistics.
  • Maths E.G. is an extensive database, with thousands of questions and worked solutions. Note that there is a specific section where teachers can register.
  • H.E.L.M. (Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics) offers a wide range of materials in mathematics and statistics for 1st and 2nd year Engineers, however much of the material can be used by other students.
  • Head Start Maths offers a range of materials directed at Mature students who are entering third level.
  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive contains extensive of information on the history of mathematics and on mathematicians.
  • NRICH shows the importance of mathematics in science, enginneering and technology.
  • Just Math Tutorials contains a wide range of videos on various topics in mathematics.
  • Khan Academy contains a wide range of videos on various topics in mathematics and other subjects.
  • Online Math Courses contains a wide range of materials on over 40 different mathematics courses, there is also material for other subjects.
  • Paul’s Online Notes contains a wide range of notes from lectures and tutorials on various topics in mathematics (mostly calculus courses). There is also a section with advice on how to study mathematics.
  • RMIT Australia offers materials on mathematics and statistics as well as many other subjects.
  • contains a wide range of notes on topics in calculus and differential equations.
  • WisWeb Freudenthal Institute’s website for secondary level Maths education in the Netherlands. It is also useful for third level Mathematics. The applets are very extensive and interactive; they require Java.
  • TEAME Transitioning to E-Assessment in Maths Education (TEAME) website which has a link to resources developed using NUMBAS.
  • Mathematical Study Skills from the Open Universiry contains information on how to read and study mathematics as well as links to other resources.
  • Study Skills Online contains general advice on how to survive at University.

Many of the individual MSCs also have links to extensive resources, for example University College Dublin, Maynooth University or The University of Limerick.